CSS Takeoff
In the present AMM world, trust and straightforwardness are two of the most fundamental qualities a team can bring to its task. That is the reason why doing a fair launch was a truly clear decision for us.
The Takeoff Plan:
    The decentralize swap will start on 30.04.2021 at 17:00 CET COUNTDOWN
    The farming rewards on $CSS pools and stake start at block 7019350
      $CSS Stake
    Reminder of farming rewards starts at block 7022100
We'll personally provide the liquidities in an adequate add up to stay away from any market control: Initial supply:
    No team tokens
    No presale
    400,000 $CSS pre-minted (fully utilised for initial liquidity)
$CSS Takeoff price - $0.25
Initial Liquidity:
    200,000 $CSS - $50,000 in $BNB ($CSS/$BNB)
    200,000 $CSS - $50,000 $BUSD ($CSS/$BUSD)
    $BNB/$BUSD (worth $15,000)
    $USDT/$BUSD (worth $15,000)
    $ETH/$BNB (worth $15,000)
    $BTC/$BNB (worth $15,000)
    $CAKE/$BNB (worth $15,000)
    $ADA/$BNB (worth $15,000)
    $DOT/$BNB (worth $15,000)
Total value of initial liquidity : $205,000
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