At the Stake & FaaS Section, users can stake & un-stake their $CSS tokens. They can also get rewarded in either $CSS, $MVP, or $EX Tokens. Reward multiplier:

  • $CSS Stake x20 (0% fee) Earn $CSS

  • $CSS Stake x0 (2% fee) Earn $MVP

  • $EX Stake x0 (4% fee) Earn $EX (FaaS)

  • $EX/$CSS x0 (4% fee) Earn $EX (SaaS)

  • $UTED/$BUSD x0 (1% fee) $BUSD (FaaS)

How to Un-Stake? * Go to * Scroll down to Stake & FaaS & choose the staking pool you have staked in, then click Compound or Harvest. * If the staking pool is already inactive, check the upper right corner, and you will see a switch. * Flip it from ACTIVE to INACTIVE to see all the inactive pools. * Choose your specific staking pool, then start un-staking.

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